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Digitalization leads to new channels and offerings, which in turn have great impact on the way customers choose, shop and live. This rapidly evolving environment brings new challenges to organizations, such as the creation of and access to a staggering amount of data, an ever increasing pace of innovation and the entrance of new digital savvy competition.

At Odyssey Prime we believe that organization will highly benefit from a true focus on the unique customer journey (Odyssey Prime). We embrace the challenge of gaining insight into customers journeys and offer a data-driven (fact-based) strategy execution approach. Our Prime platform enables a swift evaluation of structured and unstructured, internal and external data, by using our ready to use models.

It can tackle any challenges faced in optimizing an organizations’ Customer Experience Strategy and the underlying customer journeys. Our customized support helps in effectuating customer strategies and allows for customer centric performance management at strategic, tactical and operational level throughout the entire organization.

Our Service Portfolio

By using our approach we will be able to tell you WHAT is affecting your customer journey, WHY this is happening, HOW it can be improved and WHO can support you along the way.

Prime Platform

Data-driven decision making
Our Prime platform is an audit tool using Prime algorithms to quickly gain insights into WHAT is affecting your customer journey(s) across channels

Advanced analytics

Understanding the root-cause
The ready-to-use advanced analytics models help obtain true insight in the root-cause of WHY customer touchpoints along the journey are not as effective as you wish them to be. These insights support fact-based decision making in customer journey optimization, loyalty and CRM


Best practice solutions
We offer solutions directly linked to business processes, including a valid business case, supporting your organization in HOW issues can be overcome and customer touch points improved

Advisory & Support

Trusted support
Bringing years of experience in various industries, Odyssey Prime and partners are the WHO in starting, implementing and/or executing your plans via advisory or interim support

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Our solutions work for all organizations who feel or have the need to improve their Customer Experience by using a data driven (fact-based) strategy execution approach.

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